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Anal Fistula is a medical condition that involves a fist that is located in your anal or rectal region, which may be diagnosed by your current symptoms and physical findings. And, you must get the best fistula treatment in India to avoid any future discomforts.

Fistula: Overview

A fistula is a tube or an opening formed beneath the skin that extends from the anus to the outside of the body. An anal fistula is a small tunnel connecting the abscess, the infectious cavity inside the anus, with the opening in the skin surrounding the anus. 

Most anal fistulas develop as a response to the development of a pus-filled infection in an anal gland (an abscess).   

Fistulas can develop anywhere between an intestine and the skin, between the vagina and rectum, and elsewhere. The infection is located close to the sphincter complex, so a fistula may pass through the anal sphincter.   


The main symptoms of fistula-in-ano are ongoing drainage from chronic, low-grade sepsis (infection) following the treatment of the acute abscess.   


Anal fistulas may have a variety of causes but are more often a result of an anorectal abscess. Most fistulas are thought to originate from a cryptoglandular infection, with the resultant formation of perirectal abscesses. 

Nerve damage, infections, and renal failure are associated with fistulas. Additionally, the patients with fistulas usually have a history of anal abscess that was drained earlier.


Our doctors at Altec Hospital generally diagnose an anal fistula by looking at the area surrounding your anus. They can also order an ultrasound or an MRI of the anal region to better visualize the fistulae tube. Additional tests may be needed to study symptoms, especially if multiple fistulae are involved. 

If you have symptoms that indicate anal fistula, you can consult our expert doctors who specialize in colon and rectal diseases and get the best fistula treatment in India at Altec Hospital, Located in Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar (Punjab).

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