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Are you suffering from chronic anal fissures and looking for the best hospital for fissure treatment in India? Altec Hospital has an expert team of doctors to solve your problem and give you pain-free bowel movements forever.


An anal fissure is a tear in the lower part of your rectum lining (anal canal) which causes pain when you pass the stool. An anal fissure can happen when you are passing hard or large stool while having bowel movements. Fissures are common but are frequently confused with other anal conditions, such as haemorrhoids.


Medical problems, such as inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease), infections, or anal tumours, may cause symptoms similar to anal fissures. Typical symptoms of anal fissures are 

  • Sensations of tear

  • Often small amounts of glowing red bleeding during and after bowel movements.      

  • Pain during and after the bowel movement

  • A deeper, more sustained burning feeling can occur

  • You also may feel cramps in a loop of muscles on the end of the anus (anal sphincter). 


Fissures are often caused by:

  • Injury to the internal lining of the anus as a result of bowel movement
  • Other straining on the anal canal
  • As the result of the rectal examination, anal intercourse, or foreign objects.
  • A chronic anal fissure is thought to be caused by hard stools passing through the increased tension on the tone of the anal sphincter, too.

Chronic constipation or frequent diarrhoea may also cause tears in the skin around the anus. Initial small tears to your anal mucosa from heavy bowel movements likely happen frequently.      


If pain and blood in your stool continue for longer than six week, then this is known as a chronic anal fissure, which might not resolve by self-care alone, and might require medical care. An untreated fissure can cause a cycle of discomfort, which can require medications or surgery to lessen pain and repair or remove the fissure.    

So, we have the best doctors to provide the best fissure treatment in India, surgically. Surgery typically involves cutting a small part of your inner anal sphincter muscles to decrease pain and spasms and to allow your fissures to heal.

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