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Avail the Best Piles Treatment in Amritsar by top Piles Specialist in Amritsar at Altec Hospital.

Piles (Haemorrhoids) are swollen veins around the rectum and anus. They can be either inside (internal) or outside (external) of the body. Internal piles are usually painless, but external ones can be very painful, bleed and itch.

Common Symptoms of Piles

Haemorrhoids can be very uncomfortable and may bleed. They can cause the following symptoms that you feel around your anus that is the area from where you pass the stool. These symptoms are:

  • Itching
  • Bleeding with Stool
  • Hard stool
  • Burning
  • Pain

Reasons Why You can Develop Piles

Anyone can get piles, but they are more often caused by bearing down hard when passing a stool, being pregnant, people over 55 years old, having long-term constipation or those who have a family history of piles.

How to treat Piles?

Although there are some home remedies that you can apply to get relief for the chronic pain of this disease, still these treatments cannot assure you of getting rid of piles. So, you must consult our best piles specialist in Amritsar.

Benefits of Laser Treatment for Piles in Amritsar

When you get the laser surgery by our best piles doctor in Amritsar, you will enjoy the following advantages of this treatment: 

  • Painless Treatment
  • Scarless Treatment
  • 30-45 Minutes Procedure
  • Get Back To Your Regular Routine in 3 Days
  • Same day discharge
  • Cashless Facility, All Insurance Covered

Why is Altec a Right Choice for Availing the Best piles treatment in Amritsar?

At Altec Hospital, we aim at providing our patients with quality care, world-class facilities, and guaranteed results. Our dedicated staff makes it possible to make Altec Hospital the most-preferred destination for piles treatment. Here are the top reasons that let us stand out in the crowd.

  • Ultramodern Infrastructure
  • Experienced and Skilled Surgeons
  • Advanced Techniques for Piles Treatment
  • Hundreds of Satisfied Patients
  • Cashless Facility Available
  • All Insurance Covered

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