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Guide on Piles Treatment by Best Hospital in Amritsar

Guide on piles treatment by best hospital in amritsar
By Admin Posted: 2022-04-11

Nowadays, the problem of piles or hemorrhoids commonly rises among people who are above 50 years. To avoid or save from this issue, Altec Hospital-the best hospital in Amritsar is here. The hospital provides the best treatment for piles and also offers guidelines to stay safe from this disorder. In this blog, the reader will get to know everything about piles treatment. 

But, first one needs to know about piles, their causes & symptoms, and what precautions should be taken to get relief from hemorrhoids. So, read the blog, to get the information about piles and the best hospital for piles in Amritsar. 

What are Piles?

Piles or hemorrhoids are swollen veins that are located in the lower anus and rectum. It is a lump that is round and small in shape and discolored. The patient can also feel these lumps as they are hanging down from your anus canal. Hemorrhoids can also cause pain, rectal bleeding, and anal itching. There are three types of piles i.e. external hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids, and thrombosed hemorrhoids. 

Piles causes, symptoms and treatment

Causes of Piles:

The main cause of piles is that they can occur due to pressure in the lower rectum. Due to pressure, the blood vessels around the rectum and anus may stretch which can cause swelling and form piles. The piles can also form from lifting heavy objects, sitting in the same position for many hours, or stress which can lead to digestive problems. The pressure may increase due to chronic constipation. Mostly, this problem is faced by many men and women above the age of 50. Moreover, the piles can occur sometimes during pregnancy because, under this condition, the problem of constipation occurs normally. In this way, piles treatment in Amritsar was introduced. 

Symptoms of Piles:

The symptoms of the piles show according to their type i.e. the external as well as internal hemorrhoids can shop varied symptoms as listed below:

External Haemorrhoids

In external hemorrhoids the patient may experience:

  • Itching

  • Pain

  • Discomfort

  • Swelling around the anus

  • Bleeding, etc. 

Internal Haemorrhoids

In internal hemorrhoids, the following signs are prevalent:

  • Painless bleeding during passing stools from the body

  • Blood Loss

  • Fatigue & Bloating

  • Irritation

  • Weakness, etc.

Whereas in thrombosed hemorrhoids, inflammation, swelling, severe pain, and a lump starts to show near your anus. 

Are Piles Dangerous? 

The disorder of piles is not a serious issue unless any complication occurs such as anemia, infections, blood clots on the external side of piles, etc. The problem of piles can be solved by some home remedies, medications prescribed by the doctor, or by the best piles doctor in Amritsar.

Treatment of Piles:

There are many do’s and don’ts that are given below for the treatment offered by the best doctor for piles in Amritsar, which can help a patient treat the piles or hemorrhoids at home:


  • Slowly push back a pile.

  • Keep the anus area clean and dry.

  • Do exercise regularly.

  • Take your medications properly. 

  • Eat food that contains fiber like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in medium quantities.

  • Drink lots of water.

  • Take a warm bath to reduce itching and pain.


  • Do not press your bottom too hard while cleaning. 

  • Do not pressurize yourself while pooping. 

  • Do not take too much time in the toilet than the usual time. 

  • Avoid hot and spicy foods. 

  • Avoid ignorance in the urge to do poop. 

Prevention of Piles:

  • Visit The Doctor

One needs to visit a gastroenterologist or proctologist who is a specialist in hemorrhoid disorder. The doctor at the best hospital in Amritsar will provide some medications to get relief from piles, and if surgery is needed, then the doctor will recommend this to you.

  • Apply Haemorrhoid Cream

What relieves piles fast? This question is mostly asked by everyone who is suffering from this disorder. There are various things that can treat or give relief from pain and discomfort in piles such as the patient can apply hemorrhoid cream (recommended by a piles specialist in Amritsar) on the piles to the external side of the anus, but not apply it inside of the anus.

He can also take a bath with warm water to get relief from discomfort or pain. Moreover, the pain that occurs due to hemorrhoids can also be treated by home remedies such as lemon, ginger, honey, and so on to get relief on inflamed areas. Also, one should do a gentle stroke or push to a pile back in the anus. 

  • Which food should be avoided in Piles?

There are many food items that should be avoided in hemorrhoids such as Dairy products like milk, curd, cheese, etc. white flour, processed meat, red meat, salty foods, and fried foods. 

For How Long Do Piles Last?

The pile lasts, depending on its different types such as small piles can heal in a few days by taking precautions by yourself. Whereas, large hemorrhoids can only be treated by a professional doctor to heal. 

Is Laser Treatment Good for Piles?

Is laser treatment good for piles?

Yes. The laser treatment for piles in Amritsar is absolutely a reliable treatment as through this surgery, the chances of blood flow become less, and it also does not harm the tissues of the anus. Thus, the laser operation becomes the best option to operate the piles.

Who is the Best Doctor for Piles in India?

If you are searching for a piles specialist in Amritsar, then we recommend consulting our surgeons at Altec Hospital. Our surgeons for hemorrhoids are board-certified and have many years of experience that you can trust. They not only treat or provide the surgery for hemorrhoids but also offer the best aftercare to heal from the surgery quickly. They have excellent interpersonal skills to interact with their patients and are always ready to answer any health-related questions asked by the patients.

Besides this, a team of surgeons are well-trained & skilled and aim to provide the best treatment to each patient.

Why Choose Altec Hospital?

Many people ask why to opt for Altec Hospital for hemorrhoid surgery. Here the answer is, firstly, it is the best hospital for piles in Amritsar. Secondly, the atmosphere of this hospital is super supportive, healthy, hygienic, and friendly. The doctors and hospital staff understand the patient’s health condition properly. Here, the OTs and ICUs are well-equipped with the latest technology. The staff tends to offer a patient the best quality of treatment. The hospital also creates transparent pricing to become the best and most reliable choice for the patients. 


The problem of hemorrhoids becomes common among people because of the bad diet, and unhealthy food in today’s life. People become careless about their diet and hygiene which can lead to internal problems in the body like piles or other digestive complications. Not only this, the other habits of today’s people are not good such as the way they sit in the same positions for many hours and ignorance of exercise, and so on. 

All of this can cause great problems in the body which can lead to critical health conditions. In such a situation when someone suffers from health problems even after taking proper care, the Best Hospital in Amritsar ensures the best healthcare. So, along with proper care, you should consult your doctor for piles treatment in Amritsar at a very early stage to stay healthy. 

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