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Faster Recovery with Top Laparoscopic Surgeons in Amritsar

By Admin Posted: 2023-09-12

Looking for a low-cost and trusted Laparoscopic Surgeon in Amritsar? Dr Praveen Devgan is one of the Best Surgeons in Amritsar. He is highly qualified and an expert in the field of laparoscopy. Moreover, the doctor has operated upon more than thirty thousand cases and has provided significant assistance to patients with proper surgery and faster recovery. Let's discuss laparoscopic surgery's procedure and requirements.

What is Laparoscopy Surgery?  

Laparoscopy surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique used to diagnose and treat various medical conditions. During laparoscopy surgery, a small incision is made in the patient's abdomen and a laparoscope (a thin, flexible tube with a camera attached) is inserted through the incision. The camera allows the surgeon to view the inside of the patient's abdomen on a video monitor that is usually 20 times greater. 

Laparoscopy surgery is used for a variety of procedures, including:

  • The surgery can treat conditions such as gallbladder disease such as gallstones, hernias, cysts, appendix etc.

  • Laparoscopy surgery is a minimally invasive procedure used to diagnose the cause of abdominal pain, infertility and other medical conditions.

  • The surgery is also commonly used for weight loss procedures such as gastric bypass and gastric banding, etc. 

  • It can be used to take tissue samples (biopsies) from the organs in the abdomen.

  • Moreover, this surgery is often used to diagnose and treat gynaecological conditions such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts and ectopic pregnancies.

Laparoscopic surgery done for which body part

As you all are very familiar, laparoscopy surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique mainly performed using small incisions in the abdomen area. Also, the laparoscopy surgery is performed on various body parts, including:

  • Gallbladder

  • Appendix

  • Uterus

  • Ovaries

  • Fallopian Tubes

  • Colon

  • Stomach

  • Liver

Furthermore, laparoscopic surgery may also be used for diagnostic purposes, such as to explore the abdominal cavity and obtain tissue samples for biopsy.

Best Laparoscopy Hospital in Amritsar - Altec Multispeciality Hospital 

Altec Multispeciality hospital is one of the Best Hospital in Amritsar that provides special aid to patients to get rid of internal problems such as gallstones, ureter stones, inflamed appendix and fibroids and in such a manner at low cost-effective treatment rates. The hospital is located on Ranjit Avenue, which surrounds shopping complexes, well-known hotels and restaurants. Furthermore, the hospital has many expert laparoscopic surgeons in Amritsar to treat patients' problems with the aim of a faster recovery after surgery.

List of Best Laparoscopic surgeon in Amritsar 

There are various expert laparoscopic surgeons who are highly experienced and certified by a recognised training institution for laparoscopic surgeons. But the expert team of laparoscopic surgeons of Altec Hospital is highly appreciable. The Best Surgeons in Amritsar (Punjab) are listed as given below:  

1. Dr. Praveen Devgan: 

Dr Praveen Devgan is highly certified and has performed more than 30,000 surgeries. He performs laparoscopic surgery regularly. The doctor is highly recognised as the medical director and Laparoscopic surgeon at Altec Hospital. Additionally, he is president of the surgeon society of Amritsar district. 

Work Experience of Dr. Praveen Devgan:

Dr Praveen Devgan has more than 25 years of experience and has worked as a consultant surgeon and unit incharge in the hospitals listed as given below:

  • Fortis Escort Hospital

  • Kakkar Hospital, Amritsar

  • Shri Muni Lal Chopra Memorial Hospital

  • Nayyar Hospital

  • KD Hospital

  • Beas Charitable Hospital

2. Dr. Raj Kumari Sinha: 

Dr Raj Kumari Sinha is widely recognised as an expert gynaecologist, obstetrician and laparoscopic surgeon. She is also an infertility specialist. She highly specialises in the field of laparoscopy and carefully treats patients. Moreover, Dr Raj Kumari Sinha completed his education, such as M.B.B.S. from Bangalore Medical College, in 2004. She completed her D.N.B. Obstetrics and Gynaecology post-graduation from K.J. Somaiya Medical College.

Work Experience of Dr. Raj Kumari Sinha:

Dr Raj Kumari Sinha has +9 years of experience in gynaecology and laparoscopy services. She worked as a lecturer, consulting obstetrics and gynaecologist in the following hospitals as listed below: 

  • Altec Hospital 

  • Department of OBGYN, SGRD Medical College and Research Institute

  • Mata Kaula Charitable Hospital

Last but not least, the laparoscopic surgeons of Altec Hospital are highly dedicated towards their work. The expert surgeons guide the patients in a very frank manner as well as help the patients to recover faster. 

Laparoscopy procedure 

The laparoscopy procedure is listed in the points as given below: 

  • A laparoscopy is a surgical procedure in which a surgeon uses a laparoscope to examine the inside of the abdomen or pelvis.

  • The laparoscope is a thin tube that contains a camera and a light. 

  • This procedure is performed under general anaesthesia.

  • The surgeon makes a small incision in the abdomen or pelvis during laparoscopy and inserts the laparoscope. 

  • The camera sends images to a monitor in the operating room, allowing the surgeon to see the organs and tissues inside the body. 

  • Carbon dioxide gas may be used to inflate the abdomen, which creates more space for the surgeon to work.

  • Other small incisions may allow the surgeon to insert other instruments, such as surgical scissors or grasping tools, to perform the surgery. 

  • The surgeon may also remove tissue samples or perform biopsies during the procedure.

  • Laparoscopy is commonly used for gynecologic procedures, such as hysterectomies or ovarian cyst removal, and procedures on the gallbladder, appendix and intestines. 

  • Recovery time is usually faster than traditional open surgery, and patients may experience less pain and scarring. 

  • However, not all procedures can be performed using laparoscopy and the decision to use this technique will depend on the individual patient's needs and the surgeon's expertise.


In the end, laparoscopic surgery has revolutionised the field of surgery and has become the preferred method for many procedures. Also, Altec Hospital is considered one of the Best Laparoscopy Hospital in Amritsar. This minimally invasive approach provides numerous benefits to patients, including faster recovery times, less pain, and reduced scarring. However, the success of laparoscopic surgery is highly dependent on the skill and experience of the surgeon. Therefore, it's crucial to choose a qualified laparoscopic surgeon who has received the proper training and extensive experience performing these procedures. We hope this blog post has provided valuable information about laparoscopic surgeons and the importance of choosing the right surgeon for your needs. Always consult a qualified medical professional for personalised advice on laparoscopic surgery and to ensure the best possible outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Ques: Who is the best laparoscopic surgeon in Amritsar?

Ans: Dr Praveen Devgan is the best laparoscopic surgeon in Amritsar. He is highly appreciated for his expertise in the field of laparoscopy.

Ques: Is laparoscopic surgery painful?

Ans: Laparoscopic surgery, or minimally invasive surgery, typically causes much less pain than traditional open surgery.

Ques: How many hours does laparoscopic surgery take?

Ans: The duration of laparoscopic surgery can vary widely depending on the type of procedure being performed, the patient's circumstances and the surgeon's experience and skill level. According to an expert, the surgical treatment of gallbladder, appendix, gynaecological laparoscopy takes almost 30 to 60 minutes in normal cases.

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