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Altec Hospital Expert Care: Best Maternity Hospital in Amritsar

By Admin Posted: 2023-08-16

Are you seeking special care and faster recovery treatment to lead your life normally without any severe problems? Are you looking forward to the Best Maternity Hospital in Amritsar? Altec Hospital is a private hospital situated in the posh locality of Ranjit Avenue that mainly aims at providing a wide range of services in the medical field and treatments for maternity issues. Since 2011, hundreds of successful deliveries have been conducted in this hospital. 

Important Highlights for Choosing right Maternity Hospital

As you all know, motherhood is extremely beautiful and the most cathartic phase in every woman's life. A mother has to face a lot of pain during the delivery of a child. The urbanisation of society has brought many hospitals and medical centres in proximity to everybody. Here are some pro tips for pregnant women to consult doctors during the trimester phases and delivery of the baby. 

1. Trimester Phases: These are phases when a woman is at the cusp of pregnancy and when   you are getting adapted to the baby bump. It is very essential to take care of a woman at the very initial stage. Consider the following instructions for healthy motherhood.

  • Altec Private Multispeciality has an expert and well-qualified nutritionist to help the mothers to monitor every single thing that they feel during the trimester phases. 

  • The patient should choose a hospital where all the tests are done during the trimester phases and has special equipment to keep a track of the healthy foetus growing inside the womb of a mother and also ensure the strong health of the mother. 

  • The hospitals should have laboratories for keeping a record of anomalies and abnormalities in the baby.

  • Always, select a maternity hospital that provides fitness classes from time to time so that the mother could maintain their weight and be a fit mom.

  • Moreover, while selecting the maternity hospital make sure that there is a lactation consultant on board.

  • The most important point to be followed during the trimester phases is that the hospital consultant should organise sessions for the mothers to make them easy. 

2. Before giving birth: The patient should follow the instructions guided by the expert maternity specialist during the last days of the delivery. 

  • The patient should decide the location of the hospital. The hospital should be located near your residence to avoid any risk during labour pains. 

  • The hospital should have proper complete maternity setup installed to manage the delivery of a child.

  • Choose a hospital that provides the best service and full-time obstetricians available for premature and high-risk deliveries.

  • The patient should make a birthing plan by consulting the doctor about whether the delivery will be natural or c-section delivery.

3. Post partum: The first weeks of a new born baby are very crucial as they are more prone to diseases due to low immunisation. 

  • The patient should select the hospital that has the best immunisation and screening plans for the newborn baby.

  • The hospital should have neonatologists 24*7 available at the hospital to take care of the patient and child

Last but not the least, the patient is advised to follow the above-given instructions for safe and trusted delivery. Moreover, Altec Hospital is one of the Best Hospital in Amritsar

Altec Multispeciality Hospital

Altec Hospital is widely recognized for its large number of successful surgeries and faster recovery treatments. As covered above, the hospital is located on Ranjit Avenue near the district shopping complex and has lots of facilities for the patients such as a market, restaurants and hotels for stay. The hospital is considered one of the best maternity hospitals in the Amritsar region for the native residents and foreigners too. 

The hospital has provided varied assistance to the patients by giving them proper medication, and a clean and safe environment in the hospital. The staff nurses work very efficiently and take care of the patients from the day of consultation with the doctors to the day of getting discharged from the hospital. The expert surgeons use laparoscopic techniques and gynaecology surgeries at low-cost effective rates. The maternity services provided by Altec Private Multispeciality Hospital are described as follows:

1. High Risk Deliveries: According to specialists, high-risk pregnancy involves high health risks for pregnant women and the foetus or both of them. The pregnant woman can be at high risk if she is pregnant at the age of 17 or 35. Moreover, these types of cases require extra personal care and close monitoring to reduce the risk of complications. The high-risk pregnancy also includes lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, drug addiction and consumption of harmful toxins. 

2. Laparoscopic Gynae Surgeries: Laparoscopic gynaecology surgeries are minimally invasive surgeries that allow the surgeon to operate without making large cuts and using small incisions inserted through the abdomen. Laparoscopy surgeries have numerous benefits over open or general surgeries to cure maternity issues. 

3. Modern ICU/OTs: Modern ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and OT (Operating Theater) are designed to provide the highest level of care for critically ill patients and those undergoing major surgeries. They are equipped with advanced medical technology, such as ventilators, monitors, and specialised equipment, as well as staffed by trained medical professionals. The design and layout of the ICU and OT also play an important role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of care. For example, ICU rooms may be designed to minimise noise and distractions, while OTs may be designed to minimise the risk of infection and provide easy access to equipment.

4. Top-class facilities: The Altec Private Hospital provides top-class facilities such as Dietitian, Cafeteria, Ambulance service, separate lifts for patients and visitors, full power backup, a medical store and pharmacy and a manner. The equipment used for the treatment of the patients is sanitised and free from harmful bacteria. 

5. Automatic ETO Machines: Such machines are very effective as they sterilise all the medical equipment and tools used in the operation theatre. 

Wrapping Up…

Altec Hospital is considered the Best Maternity Hospital in Amritsar that conducts operations by following safer and trusted methods. You can directly contact Dr. Raj Kumari Sinha for time-to-time consultation at every stage of pregnancy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Ques: Which doctor is the best gynaecologist and obstetrician consultant?

Ans: Dr Raj Kumari Sinha is the best gynaecologist and obstetrician consultant at Altec Private Multispeciality Hospital.

Ques: How can one cure infertility and become a mother?

Ans: Nowadays, IVF technique is used to treat infertility. In this method, the egg is taken from ovaries and fertilised with the sperm in the labs.

Ques: Which hospital is better for maternity services?

Ans: Altec Hospital is better for maternity services. It is located in Ranjit Avenue near the district shopping complex. 

Ques: When should a woman consult the doctor for checkup?

Ans: A woman should start consulting a doctor from the starting of the trimester phase, and throughout the journey of 9 months of pregnancy and should keep regular contact with the gynaecologist and obstetrician. 

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